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SF Special Images – Barbara

Model . Barbara Montereale

Photographer . Gianni Bornaccini

Organization Sets . Antonello Vasile

Excl Copyright © Smoking Fashion Italia

Missy Montes

A tribute to our star

Top Model . Missy Montes

Photographer . Gianni Bornaccini

Copyright . Smoking Fashion Italia © 2013

Missy_1 Missy_2 Missy_3 Missy_4 Missy_5 Missy_6 Missy_7 Missy_8 Missy_9 Missy_10 Missy_11 Missy_12 Missy_13 Missy_14 Missy_15 Missy_16 Missy_17 Missy_18 Missy_19 Missy_20 Missy_21 Missy_22 Missy_23 Missy_24 Missy_25 Missy_26 Missy_27 Missy_28 Missy_29 Missy_30 Missy_31 Missy_32 Missy_33 Missy_34

Beauty & White 1

Model . Clarissa Martucci

Photographer . Gianni Bornaccini

Nastydiva Microthongs . Fico Wear Summer

Polignano a Mare . Old Town and Touristic Port

Exclusive Copyright . Smoking Fashion Italia © 2014